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4 Ways to Find Your Study Motivation

August 16, 2016

If you’ve ever lost your study motivation, you’re not alone. Finding the motivation to sit down and get work done can be difficult for students. Sometimes, it just doesn’t feel like the right time to study. Maybe you’re feeling lethargic. Maybe you’ve got other things on your mind. There have been a number of times when I feel so stressed about the amount of work that I need to do, that I can’t get myself to start any of it, let alone get any productive study done.

study motivation

If you lose your study motivation, work begins to pile up and you’ll find yourself falling behind. Since it’s important to study consistently and regularly, you want to be able to draw on this motivation any time. So, I’ve got four ways for you to find your study motivation and get to work.


1. Set goals

Setting goals is the first step to finding your motivation. You need to give yourself a reason to study. Do you want to get into a Masters program? Do you want a mark of 90 on your exam? Improve your GPA? Once you set a clear goal, write it out and stick it somewhere you’ll see it. Each time you look at it, you’ll be reminded of why you want to study. Want being the operative word. If you want to get that mark, then you’ll want to study. This is the driving force of your study motivation. Everytime you think about studying, think about your goal. You’ll be more likely to stay on task with this in mind.


2. Find your inspiration

Inspiration is important to keep you on task. Once you find your inspiration to study, you can start to enjoy it a little. There are a few ways to find your study motivation with inspiration. One of the best ways is finding a role model. Finding someone who inspires you to get to where you want to be is a fantastic driving force. This could be someone you know, someone famous, even someone fictional. And fictional characters can be great. I mean, Hermione has some serious study power and currently there are three girls in my class (including myself) that wanted to study astrophysics because of Dr Samantha Carter from Stargate. This is what you want to grab hold of. Every time you go to study, think about that role model, why they inspire you and why you want to get to that level.

The second way to find inspiration for your study motivation is with pictures. Head over to Instagram and search for hashtags ‘studygram’ or ‘studyspo’. Seriously, you’ll find some crazy awesome Instagram accounts where people just post pictures of their notes or their study set ups. It’s super inspiring, because every time I see these pictures pop up on my feed I get really motivated. Not just because I’m on Instagram when I should be doing work, but the notes are so pretty and everyone’s desks are a mess of paper just like mine. This makes me want to study and be productive when I see what other students are doing. In fact, starting a Studygram (Study Instagram) is actually a great way to motivate yourself because there’s whole community of people inspiring each other this way.


3. Use friends as study motivation

Study with friends! There is nobody better to help you find that study motivation. Studying with a small group of friends from your classes can help keep you motivated. There’s something about committing to a study session or a study group that makes you want to get work done. You’re less likely to cancel on your friends than you are on yourself. Seeing other people doing work is a great motivator. It can also help to have people around with whom you can ask questions and discuss answers. Sometimes my biggest loss of motivation comes from getting stuck on something or not knowing how to approach an assignment question. From there, I get nothing done, but working with someone else and helping each other can get you through those roadblocks.

Be careful, though. Too many people in the group gives rise to distractions. Seeing other distracted people doesn’t help motivate you, so if you find yourself constantly getting distracted by a group, try studying with 2 or 3 people instead.


4. Find your time and space

The last thing to do is to find the most motivating time and space for you. If you’re tired late at night, chances are you’re not going to be able to find that strong study motivation. Work out what time you are at your most productive. Some people work better in the morning, others work better at night. Trial some different times and figure out what works best for you. If you want to study in the afternoon so that you can have the night off, use this as your motivation to be productive.

Choosing you study space can be the difference between productivity and distraction. As I said before, large groups of friends might not be the most conducive for motivating your study. A quieter place has less distractions. A clean space means you can see what you’re doing and spread out your work. I like working on my desk in my room, but my house is very noisy so sometimes it’s more productive for me to go to the library and study. Having only a backpack with the books I need creates less distractions for me. Also, by going out I am more motivated to be productive and get something done.


Once you find your study motivation and start productively studying, you’ll be inclined to continue. Good studying experiences will make you want to study more and you’ll realise how helpful it is to have goals and inspiration to create that drive to get you started.

Have other helpful ways to find your study motivation? Let me know in the comments!


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  • These are great tips! It is so difficult to get the motivation to complete a task, especially when it’s not fun. Reminding yourself of the big picture and overall goal is a great way to give you that extra push, and having peers around you with similar mindsets are awesome motivators too. Thanks for sharing!

    Lots of Love,

  • Great tips! I still struggle with motivation when it comes to studying, and I think finding a better studying space would make all the difference! I usually study in my room, but there are so many distractions around me that it can be hard to concentrate.