The Cosmic Road was created in 2016 to provide support and advice for university students to help them succeed in their tertiary studies and achieve their goals. Whether you are completely overwhelmed by your university workload, a high achiever who is concerned about burning out or somewhere in between, if you want to be organised and motivated to improve the balance between study and life then you can find guidance at The Cosmic Road.

As a fourth year university student, I know that it can be a struggle to balance everything in life when you are a student. I started this blog because I began hearing stories of people that I knew (bright, optimistic young women) who struggled to deal with the stress and pressure of studying after high school. Often these stories ended with a discontinuation of their studies, so I wanted to create a place where students can find advice and information to help them through any difficulties that they face as students, but also to help them enjoy life and accomplish their goals while they are studying. I hope the Cosmic Road will offer this support and encouragement for anyone who needs it.

My name is Alana and I run The Cosmic Road from Sydney, Australia. I’m 23 and in my fourth and final year of an astrophysics/languages double degree. I have a passion for organisation, beautiful study notes and making to do lists. I also love coffee shops, pink (maybe a little too much), sci-fi television shows and anything related to astronomy.

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