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Organise Your Study for the Mid-Semester Break

September 20, 2016

When the mid semester break finally arrives you might find yourself in one of two positions: either you are completely up to date on all your schoolwork, or you have fallen behind (a little or a lot) and need to use the break to organise your study.

Well, if you have fallen behind, fear not! I have some simple and effective ways that you can use your mid semester break to organise your study and catch up on work. Going back to class without the looming guilt of “I should have done more” will feel so good.


Start Early, Finish Early

Getting the essential work out the way early leaves you free to enjoy the rest of the break and avoid the last minute freak out when you can’t get everything done. It’s super easy to fall into the trap of relaxing in the first few days,  and a few more days after that, and then finding it difficult to start working on anything related to university. I should know… I’ve done it way too many times. By starting to tackle your work early, and anything else you need to do, it means you have more time to have fun later. And it leaves you open to anything that might come up last minute that you don’t want to miss. So start early and it’ll be done in no time.

Separate your Classes

You can start to organise your study by separating your classes into piles. Place any papers, notebooks or textbooks related to a particular class put them in a pile (If you do everything electronically and have documents on your computer put them in a folder). I’m talking anything and everything related to that class. Once you’ve finished you should have a pile (or a folder) for each class.

Write down what to get done

Focus on one, look through everything for that class and make a list of what you need to do for that class only. Catching up on missed lectures, making study notes or completing exercises are the kinds of things that should go on the list. Got an assignment that you should be working on or a test to study for over the break? Add that in too! Once you have your list place it on top of everything related to that class. Repeat this for each one. By the end you should have four different piles of notes/books, each with a list on top.

Organise your study with a plan! (A realistic one)

Okay, you have written down what you need to do. Now, to completely organise your study, you need to make a plan. And I’m not talking about a vague idea like maybe you’ll do some work on Monday, I’m talking take each item on your list and write down when you’re going to do it. This is the part when you need to be realistic about your time. Don’t write down something like “3PM – 4PM: Catch up on 2 weeks worth of lectures”. An unrealistic plan does nothing but demotivate. Instead, focus on writing your plan with specifics tasks for each day.


  • Listen to Week 5 – Lecture 1
  • Make Notes for Intercultural Perspectives class – Week 6
  • Write a quick plan for major essay

A realistic plan lets you achieve what you set out to do. If you know you have other engagements, you can prioritise accordingly.

So, separating classes, writing down what you need to get done for each class, and making a plan to tackle your work are the simple and effective techniques to help you organise your study during the break. Now, you can get to work!

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